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An Introduction to Merit Badge

Merit Badge is the second area in the Boy Scout advancement. The program covers a wide range of topics and interests in sports, crafts, science, and future career. In earning these merit badges boy scouts have the opportunity to advance in knowledge and explore different area of interests and careers.

Boy Scouts may work on merit badges from the time they earn the Scout Rank badge until they turn 18 years old.

There are two groups of merit badges: General and Eagle Rank. General merit badges cover many areas of interests while the Eagle Rank ones are specific to enhance life skills. BSA currently offers 129 merit badges, of which 15 are Eagle Rank. A scout must complete a minimum of 21 merit badges, with 13 of them being Eagle Rank as listed below, in order to earn the Eagle Rank.

Boy scouts in Lien Doan Huong Viet are encouraged to work on merit badges. The troop will pay for the cost of the badge (not the registration fee) for the first 21 badges. Parents will be asked to reimburse the troop for subsequent badges earned.

The troop also strongly suggests boy scouts to take the following merit badges in their third year or later: Communication, First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, and Camping. These 4 merit badges are more challenging and critical in life skills that they require the scouts to be mature mentally as well as in physical condition. In addition, some prerequisites for these merit badges involve items in 2nd Class and 1st Class which the scouts complete toward the end of their second year.

For steps on how to complete a merit badge, please refer to instructions below. Please direct further questions to the troop’s leaders.

Eagle Rank Merit Badges:

Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World
Emergency Preparedness* or Lifesaving*
Environmental Science or Sustainability
Family Life
First Aid*
Personal Fitness
Personal Management
Swimming or Hiking or Cycling

*Suggest to take in third year or later

Step-by-Step of Getting Merit Badges

1. Sign up for a merit badge (MB) class from merit badge day, or by contacting MB counselor.

2. Go to http://www.usscouts.org/mb/mbbooks.asp to download the requirement worksheet for the MB class.

3. Fill out a MB blue card and obtain troop's leader signature. Blue Card is not valid without a leader's signature.  (Sample blue card)

4. Obtain the MB book for your class from the troop's librarian, friends, local library, or BSA store, and review the materials.

5. Answer questions on worksheet and prepare all prerequisites before attending the workshop in order to make the most of the learning experience.

7. Ask the MB counselor to sign the blue card after completing the workshop.  The counselor will keep a portion of your card.

8. Turn in the blue card to the troop's leader.  Ask the leader to sign and return your portion of the card for your record.

10. It is your responsibility to keep your own record. We suggest that you make a binder to organize your cards.

Merit Badge Counselors

Merit Badge Counselor list from Rancho San Joaquin : Contact Thieu Truong

List of in-house Merit Badge Counselors:

  • Louise Pham: Personal Management
  • Chi Nguyen: Personal Fitness, Game Design
  • Quan Doan: Camping, Hiking
  • Toan Nguyen: Personal Fitness, Swimming
  • Michael Bao: Radio
  • Trung Nguyen: Personal Management
  • Thomas Bao: Family Life
Merit Badge Day