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TD Bach Viet News & Events
Posted 1/16/2020 1:18:00 AM by BV Advisor
What: Trai Khai Pha 4 (TKP4)
Where: Camp Whitsett in Kernville, CA 
When: from Sun, Jun 28 to Sat, July 4, 2020
  • $350 pp (for scouts and adults)
  • Check payable to Crew 105; memo your scout name on the check
  • includes meals + all activities 
  • bus fee will be paid for by Crew treasury
  • water sports (kayak, canoes, stand up paddleboards)
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Cope (high, low, and zip lining)
  • Mountain Biking
  • Shooting sports (archery, rifle, and shotgun)
  • Traditional Vietnamese scouting activities and games
Step 1: Register online: deadline March 10th for our Crew
  1. have your BSA ID ready; if you don't have it, email Tr Tra Mi at tmtruong03@yahoo.com
  2. log on to traikhaipha.org
  3. click on New Camper Registration > Mien Tay Nam Hoa Ky > Lien Doan Huong Viet
  4. fill out form and submit
         Note for Camp Role:
  • if you're a Rover under 21 attending camp, select Venturer  
  • if you're a Rover over 21 attending camp, select adult volunteer  
  • if you're an advisor attending camp, select primary advisor 
  • if you're a parent helper attending camp, select adult volunteer 
Step 2: complete Registration Package/Forms:
For Scouts and Adults:
  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Parental Firearms Permission and Release (required under 18 yrs old)
  3. Talent Release 
  4. Health form A and B (Note: not needed since your forms are already turned in to advisors BUT parents need to update insurance info IF there are recent changes to medical insurances for 2020
  5. Health Form: Part C--Doctor's physical exam form (this form can be turned in separately at a later date but latest is April 1st)
  6. $350 check payable to Crew 105; memo your scout name on the check
  7. **For Scouts who will turn 18 by Jun 28th camp date, you are required to submit a copy of your Youth Protection Training certificate (YPT) with your registration package as well as be registered as an adult scout the week after you turn 18** 
Step 3: 
  1. Turn in registration package to Crew officers by Mar 10th or earlier (Health Form C can be turned in no later than Apr 1st)
  2. schedule your doctor's appointment now--must have physical exam done before Mar 31st 
  3. bring along your Part C health form to your doctor to fill out
  4. turn in your completed Part C form to your officers
  5. DONE! 
DEADLINES for Registration:
  • Jan 31st: Campership deadline 
  • March 10th: soft deadline for online registration + registration package + Health forms A,B, and hopefully C >> turn in to Crew officers
  • Apr 1st:  deadline for Health form C + online registration + registration package for our Crew >> turn in to Crew officers
  • Apr 30th:  firm deadline before fee goes up $25 per month starting May 1st 
  • May 31st:  final date to register for camp with everything completed

Read email sent on Jan 16th for more details.


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