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Thanh Doan Bach Viet
Author: TD Bach Viet Created: 11/2/2010 10:59 AM
Thanh Doan Bach Viet

Lien Doan Camp 2016! Read More »

As our second survival camp, the theme was a decathlon involving gods and goddesses. Throughout the day, the crew was to compete in a series of challenges ending in the 10th challenge that not only determined what the winning team would get for dinner, but who won the entire decathlon. We were first split into 2 different teams of 16 people, the blue team and the red team. After splitting we were aked to compete in a blind audition where A. Travis and A. Randall would chose their teams. After both... Read More »

Star Wars Themed Picnic! Read More »

          Well, first comes first. WELCOME NEW VENTURERS! We are all looking forward to a great new year with you all:) Bridging today consisted of many different competitive and amusing games that allowed for us all to bond as a new crew. With our 35 new crew members, we sat down in a circle playing and ice breaker game. Sitting in a circle, each person would stand up state their names and the names of the previous people and sit back down. It was a great way for everyone to learn each others names... Read More »

A successful camp! Read More »

Survive . . . if you can Read More »

SUPER Camp Read More »

A milestone in LDHV history. Huong Viet scouts and parents got to share this great occasion together at an eventful weekend camp. Read More »

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