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Activity Planning

Eight-Step Planning Process:

Step 1. Understand your role within the crew

  • Crew President - Coordinate all activities going on within the crew. Help teams succeed by utilizing all available resources.
  • Advisors - Oversee all activities going on within the crew. Give guidance and serve as resources for the crew.
  • Crew Officers/Team Leader - Hold administrative roles within the crew & also serve as coordinator of individual teams within a crew.
  • Assistant Team Leader - Assist team leaders in coordinating team activities and be in charge of team in the event that team leader is not available.
  • Crew Member - As part of a team within the crew, team members help the crew by serving as activity chairs and help with team activities.

Step 2. Pick a specific type of activity from the four general categories (See Activity Category Table Below)

Step 3. Formulate a set of primary objectives for the activity

Step 4. Discuss/brainstorm with crew or team on any ideas/logistics related to the activity

Step 5. Narrow down the choices basing on the realistic time, place and resources (manpower, money..) available

Step 6. Get advice from reliable sources (advisor/consultant) or do more research so that the best suited activity is confidently chosen

Step 7. Formulate the plan to achieve the objectives of the activity

Step 8. Get the plan approved for execution (advisor/president or VP of planning)

Activity Category Table:

Home Crew fundraising
(car washes, bake sales..)
Inter-unit assistance
(teaching skills to others..)
How-to workshops
(learning everyday skills..)
(for fun or competition)
  Crew Openhouse
Assisting Leaders
(help other units)
Camp Skills
(pioneering, cooking..)
Skill Challenges/ Games
(colorguard, traffic control..)
Lien Doan Projects
(leading group activities..)
Advancement Skills
(for applicable ranks or awards..)
Debates/ Discussions
(ethical controversies..)
Away Camp/Hikes Community Projects
(tree planting, food bank..)
Specialized Skills
(rope course, rafting, rappeling..)
(meeting/learning about other groups/causes)
  Outdoor Activity Preservation / Environmental
(trail clearing/ beach clean up)
(CPR, First-Aid, disaster prep..)
Meeting Consultants
(college counselors, professionals..)
  Community/ Cultural
(attend/ learn about events..)
Charitable / Humanitarian Work
(disaster aid, help people in need..)
(Venturing Out, contests..)
(bowling, movie, theme park day..)


General Crew Activity Planning:

To determine which activities:

  1. Discussion/questionnaire/polling - gather data to determine what the crew wants/needs in general
    1. Team presentation - each team present ideas, crew then vote for the best
    2. Volunteering - teams volunteer to take charge of activities
    3. Assignment - activity is assigned/delegated to a particular team
  2. Team in charge will name the Activity Chair for the activity
  3. Activity Chair and the team will devise/coordinate plan (when/how) and distribute tasks (who/what) among the whole crew
  4. Team in charge will lead in the execution of the activity
  5. Once the plan has been accomplished, results are recorded and are filed into crew activity manual.

Activity Chair:

The lead person for a particular activity. Does not have to be a crew officer or team leader. This person may utilize members of his/her team (and if necessary recruit members from other teams) to help in the planning and/or execution of the activity.


Hiking Preparation

Planning Resources

Activity Planner Form: Submit this form to Crew Advisors when planning a crew activity.

Permission Slip Template: Prepare and submit the permission slip to Crew Advisors for review before passing it out to crew members.

Tour Permit: Prepare and submit a tour permit (local tour permit or national tour permit) for Crew Advisors' signatures.