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Announcement - November 3, 2019
Posted 10/31/2019 9:54:00 PM by Phu Dong Leaders

Chào Phụ Huynh và Sói Con,

Please show interest in your scout’s activities by reading the entire announcement!  There are specific tasks that you need to perform!

Specific parents were emailed requesting that you print worksheets for your scout and put in their binder.  Please do it for this Sunday’s meeting.  The longer you wait to do this for your scout, the more behind they will be and will miss out on court of awards in November.

Youth Protection - ALL Parents must read the pamphlet.  The following scouts need parents to read youth protection! Tristan Pham, Jacob Lieu, Brian Tran, Nolan Hoang, Thomas Nguyen, Blake Nguyen, Landon Pham, Luan Vo.  We want safety of your scout to be a priority and hope you feel the same.  This was due 10/27.
Click on the following link for agenda and additional important information:

Sunday Meeting Announcement and Agenda



Phu Dong Leaders