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Space Derby Race!!! October 20, 2019
Posted 10/16/2019 9:19:00 PM by Phu Dong Leaders

Chao Phu Huynh va Soi Con,

Hope you all are getting excited for our Space Derby race!!!  We need 4 parent volunteers to help with the event.  It'll be FUN so please email us at phudongleaders@gmail.com. 

The Space Derby document just has some small updates:
- how exactly the set looks
- a sample launch
- one additional rule: not to have any fins in the first 2-inches from the nose
- an FYI: distance to race is 30 feet. Each rocket is wound 100 spins.
Please be sure to review the document.
Also, do bring the extra rubber band and the number stickers, both are parts of the derby kit, to the registration table. We might need to use the extra rubber band if one breaks. The number stickers might also be used for registration identification. 
Thank you and have fun building the kit with your child. Let them do as much as possible so they can cherish the final accomplishment of their own. That way, they will be the winner, regardless of the contest outcomes.
Phu Dong Leaders