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Soi Con News
Posted 3 days ago by Trung Nguyen

Chao Phu Huynh va Soi Con,


Please read the following events carefully:


1.      Beach cleanup / family potluck with PD and CN Juniors on 08/17/2019 (Saturday)

-          Please submit online permission slip

-          Where: 17th Street/PCH

-          When: at 9:00 AM.


More info: http://hsbsurfrider.org/ beachcleanups


Map: http://hsbsurfrider.org/17th-street


Since the lunch is a potluck, we are also asking that you bring any dish of your liking.  Also don't forget to bring drinks for yourself.  Please click on the following link and enter the dish you'll be bringing.  😊 Also need 2 tables and 2 Canopies if possible.  If anyone has questions, please let us know


https://docs.google.com/ spreadsheets/d/ 17iHdDrAdCre2CmDbKe2d5dv6XVkUF XAsAqI-aVGQ_NE/edit#gid= 191763297



2.      Bowling day on 08/11/2018 (Sunday)

-          Please submit online permission slip

-          Where: Irvine Lanes @ 3415 Michelson Drive Irvine - (949) 786-9625

-          When: at 9:30 AM.


3.      Last but not least, please make your best effort to attend our summer camp where we will have Court of Awards and bridging event. The permission slip is open for sign up.


4.      Wolf Advancement Program (2nd graders):

-          Monitor your soi con’s progress at




-          Calix Hoang, Donavan Chung, Ethan Truong, and Phi Trinh need to complete 1-4 of “Paws on the Path” at home. Please print out the attached workbook


-          Austin Nguyen needs to finish “Duty to God Footsteps”


5.      Bear Advancement Program (3rd graders):

-          Monitor your soi con’s progress at




-          Look at RED cells for incomplete: Baloon Builder (Ethan Le), Duty to God 2b (Cody, Ethan Le, Nathan, Thomas), Fur Feathers Ferns (Thomas)





Agenda (07/21/2019)


9:00 - 9:40: Attendance, Exercise

9:45 - 10:10: Chao Co Lien Doan (Class A)

10:10 - 10:25: Break

10:25 - 11:00: Advancement Program

11:00 – 11:30: Team Games

11:30 – 11:45: Chào cờ bế mạc

11:45: Dismiss


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