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Chim Non News & Events
Chim Non News and Events
Posted 10/23/2019 9:35:00 PM by Liz Lopez

Oct 27, 2019  


Secret Message:  What is the Buddy System?  (1 point)



9am:  Check-in with den leader for attendance, secret message, exercise 

9:30am-10:15am: Vietnamese Program

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30am- 11:30 Vietnamese Program

11:30-11:45 Round Circle, Leader instructions, Dismissal

Chim Non reminders:

  • Class B uniform 
  • Bring snack/water, apply sunblock

Den Responsibilities:

  • Warm up team: Purple (Tím) 
  • Flag team : Green (Xanh)

Vietnamese Program:

Mỏ Mềm -  Leaders:  Trang Hung Vu and Truong Liz

  • Review at home in handbook page 7, items 1-5, make sure you understand and memorize Chim Non Motto, 2 Luật Chim Non and 5 Luật Bầy.
  • Learn ahead at home page 7, items 6 & 7.
  • Practice singing the songs: #1 Con Chim Non, #2 Vui Ca Lên Nào & #3 Chim Non Họp Bầy, see page 42, so you can sing without looking at the lyrics.
  • Learn ahead song #6 Lúc Thú Vui Này, see page 43. Listen to it on the LDHV website: https://www.ldhuongviet.org/LDHV/Library/Music/LucThuVuiNay.aspx
  • Parents, please practice with Chim Non at home page 8, items 10-17. Sign off on the right column as Chim Non progressing through and mastering it on a regular basis.


Mỏ Vàng -  Leaders: Truong Bang Tam & Trang Hung Le 

  • Review items #1-5  in handbook on page 9..
  • Focus on the 3 CN promises in Vietnamese on page 24..
  • Keep practicing to sing along 3 songs mentioned in items #5. CN please ask parents to help you with the songs. Here is the link to the music. https://www.ldhuongviet.org/LDHV/Library/Music.aspx


Mỏ Cứng - Leader: Truong Bryan

  • Please practice your  songs in item #8.
  • Practice how to tie the knots in items #4 (learned last week) and know when to use them.
  • Review items # 1,2,3, and 5 (learn trail sign, ready for hiking).


Cánh Cứng - Leader: Truong Allen

  • Bringing your compass and rope
  • Testing on item #4/page 14
  • Studing  at home items #2, #5, #6. We will discuss in the meeting

Reminders for Parents:

  • Please see email from Fall Product Team for the Nut sale; parents need to email copy of the nut order form  to Chi Yen Tonnu/Chi Brigitte Hoang by 10/20/19; and turn in money and responsibility form next scout meeting at Plaza Vista on 10/27/19 also to Chi Yen Tonnu/Chi Brigitte
  • LDHD Fundraising Banquet  - Nov 10, 2019 starting at 4:30pm
  • Year End Picnic  - Nov 24, 2019
Chim Non Upcoming Events